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Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

The Covid-19 global pandemic offered many teachable moments. Perhaps one of the most crucial lessons is the importance of RESILIENCE. We cannot know what lies around the corner for us. What is known is that each of us will experience adversity in our lifetime. While it can be nearly impossible to avoid all adversity, there are steps one can take to rise to the challenges in life.

Corporate wellness is something that is near and dear to our hearts. The desire to create and perpetuate a culture of health in the workplace has always been a passion of ours, born out of our own need for it. Healthy, dedicated, happy, employees are the soul of a company, a precious resource.

What is Resilience?

The importance of leveraging resilience vs. addressing risk and vulnerability derives from the research observations of youth from socioeconomically disadvantaged background with high levels of adversity. Some of these youth were observed to thrive despite their risky backgrounds. The promotion of resilience was conceived, and the emphasis shifted to focusing on adaptive, positive resources and promotive factors that allow people to ascend to meet challenging life circumstances (Bruce, Bianchi, Griskevvicius, et. al, 2017)
Resilience is the dynamic process that leads to adaptive, positive responses when faced with trauma, tragedy, adversity, threats, and any significant source of stress (Levine & Phillips, 2012)
Resilience involves the nervous system’s ability to shift from survival mode (fight, flight, freeze) to a more present-focused state that is tolerable and manageable (Dana, 2020)

How does Resilience impact a business?

In 2021, the American Psychological Association (APA) conducted a Work and Well-being survey. Here are the results:

The results of this survey emphasize the effects of an unexpected, chronic, and global stressor on employees and their work effort.

What is Resilience Training and how will it benefit a business?

Resilience training involves education and skill building courses designed to insulate and sustain employee well-being and performance when adversity comes.

Resilience training in the workplace has yielded positive effects on:

Healthy and happy employees are more engaged. They contribute to a culture of health in the workplace. Other potential benefits of a resiliency program include reduced turnover and employee retention, decreased absenteeism, decreased disability insurance claims (TDI), decreased healthcare costs, and decreased presenteeism.


Discover Your Inner Resilience (DiY-IR)

DiY-IR is our solution, designed to empower and equip your employees for adversity. It is a skills training program and live virtual workshop series that focuses on:

The Six Keys To Resilience

A Reservoir of Resources
Value-Based Living
Social Connection & Interpersonal Skills
Connecting with Goodness
Acceptance/Being Present With What Is

We developed this program based on the best practice and research in the field of resiliency training.

Instead of a strong focus on mindset and thoughts like other resiliency trainings, our program attends to the wisdom and health of the whole: mind, body, and spirit.

Our method is three-fold:

1) We use experiential learning techniques to increase engagement and interest, and to create the optimal conditions for learning

2)We place strong emphasis on growing awareness of one’s current experience by noticing the sensations of the body. The body is a gateway to our primitive and emotional brains. The act of witnessing rewires the brain, can bring a ton of regulation, increase self-competence, and create a half-second space for choice vs. reactivity

3)We provide juicy tidbits of neuroscience research facts to increase buy-in and interest, and to provide rationale for the program material and activities

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